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If you happen to have a limited amount of space, sliding patio doors come as a savior, especially if your residential area overlooks wonderful panoramas and incredible landscapes. You can opt for a sliding door that is made from timber frame and glass as it adds a level of transparence to your door and so you can check out the beautiful scenery outside uninhibitedly. This also adds the illusion that your room is more spacious than it actually is.

If you are worried about the safety of your glass sliding door you can opt for tempered glass. Even when they are struck with heavy objects, the glass breaks into thousands of small fragments that stay in the frame and do not fall off.
If you are on a budget, you may feel sliding doors are costlier than the other doors available. Nevertheless, installing a sliding door is easy and fast while closing and opening the door does not interfere with the other items in your house.

Types of Sliding Doors at Granada Hills Window Replacement Experts

Sliding patio doors comes in various styles. You can choose any depending on your preference and the space available on your wall.

  1. Two Panel Sliding Patio Door
    These come with one fixed and one sliding pane. Two panel sliding doors are suitable for small rooms as it helps you enjoy a good view while allowing sufficient space to move in and out of the door.
  2. Three Panel Sliding Patio Door
    Such doors come with two fixed and one moving pane in the centre that can be slid on either side of the fixed panes. A great advantage that three panel sliding door offer over two panel sliding door is that it widens your glass door area thus allowing more sunshine and a wider view of the scenery outside.
  3. Four Panel Sliding Patio Door
    With two fixed and two sliding doors in the center, a four panel sliding door allows you to enjoy a panoramic view and helps you get a wider opening. This makes movement comfortable during house parties or when you need to move bigger furniture through the door.

At Granada Hills Window Replacement Experts our experts will guide in choosing the most appropriate sliding patio door for your home. Our technicians are also adept in installing sliding doors and ensure they function smoothly for years to come.