Obscure Glass Options

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Obscure glass works as a unique and innovative way to decorate the windows of your house. It does not just increase the attractiveness of your house but also lets in an adequate amount of sunlight while at the same time gives you the privacy you need from the outside world.

Obscure glass mainly consists of patterns and designs carved on the glass. It gives your house a subtle yet inventive feel. However, with obscure glass, you cannot catch glimpses of the happenings that take place outside your house just as anyone outside cannot see you through the window.

Choice is never a problem with obscure glass as it comes in many patterns and designs. If you are in doubt about the right kind of obscure glass for you, you need not worry too much as our professionals at Granada Hills Window Replacement Experts are skilled and well trained, they understand your needs in a precise manner and deliver the right kind of glass for your residential area. With obscure glass you are allowed to have fun so you can be creative and imaginative when it comes to choosing the most appropriate window that reflects your style.