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Windows and Doors for Every House at Granada Hills Window Replacement Experts

Windows and doors are an indispensible part of a house. While their core functionality remains unchanged, their importance has grown stronger over the years. Today, they are available in abundance of styles and are designed to make a style statement of their own. If you feel overwhelmed with the choices, our trained and polite professionals at Granada Hills Window Replacement Experts will help you select windows and doors that match the mood and ambience of your house perfectly and are well within your budget.

Window Styles and Preferences

As homeowners in Granada Hills realize the importance of having unique, efficient and innovative windows in their homes, our professionals offer you a varied choice as we believe only the best should be delivered to our customers. Keeping this in mind, here are a few window styles that you can choose from so that beautifying your house is a piece of cake.

Window Replacement Service

We replace various kinds of windows like wood windows, fiberglass windows, vinyl windows etc.

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Wide Range of Doors to Opt From

At Granada Hills Window Replacement Experts, we have an alluring collection of doors that will stun you with their elegance as well as functionality. We have curated our collection from top-notch manufacturers so you have nothing to worry whatsoever about their quality and trendiness. Our professionals will also install the doors in your home and ensure they are fitted to perfection.

Door Replacement Service

We replace various kinds of windows like entry doors, patio doors, sliding doors etc.

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What We Do

Casement Windows

With a glass panel hinged on one side, you can easily swing open these windows on the outside whenever you want to. Casement windows in no way block your view of the breathtaking outdoors and offer great ventilation and air circulation all through the house.

At Granada Hills Window Replacement Experts our professionals will do an impeccable job in installing the casement windows at your home.

Picture Windows

Picture windows come with one glass panel that does not open. This is because it opens your home to the tranquility and splendor of nature. These types of windows normally come with single/double hung windows, sliders or casement windows. Our experts will guide you in choosing the best spot to place picture windows so you can enjoy both beauty and sunshine.

Slider Windows

While one panel of the window is fixed, you can glide slider windows to the left or right with the help of a glass panel. These windows offer you good comfort and are classy, safe and bring a touch of energy to your house. Slider windows are highly recommended when you have sufficient space on the wall but constricted space in the front and back of the window to prevent the movement of a casement window.

If you wish to replace your existing window with a stylish slider window, contact our experts at Granada Hills Window Replacement Experts.

Garden Windows

Garden windows are windows that protrude outwards so as to provide a knick-knack shelf and also let in a lot of bright sunlight. If you want to add a unique touch to your bathroom or kitchen, you should think about installing garden windows. These look very aesthetic and can immediately transform the look of your home.

At Granada Hills Window Replacement Experts, we have an immense variety in garden windows and our technicians are adept in installing them, so there is nothing you need to worry about.

Single Hung Windows

These windows come with two glass panels that are placed on top of each other. The bottom panel slides upward to open and it can also tilt in while the top panel is set and does not open. You will not have any problem cleaning up these windows owing to the manner in which they are styled.

Double Hung Windows

These windows come with two panels that slide vertically up and down instead of gliding sideways. If your home gets a good amount of wind, such windows are recommended for you.

Our experts know the tips and tricks to install double hung windows to perfection. Approach us for best-in-class double hung windows that are designed to last long.

Awning Windows

Coming with a single glass panel that is hinged at the top and swings open from the bottom, awning windows offers great ventilation and a clear view. These types of windows are usually fitted below a picture window.

At Granada Hills Window Replacement Experts, we have awning windows in wide variety of materials like frosted glass, fiberglass and metals shutters. We will help you in selecting the best awning for your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

Bay Windows

Bay windows come with bays and bows. These windows extend outwards to maximize your indoor space, give you a better view, and make your living area appear larger.

At Granada Hills Window Replacement Experts, our technicians are skilled in fitting bay windows to perfection. Contact us today, if you are planning to replace your existing windows with the very stylish bay windows.

Best-in-class Windows in All Types of Materials

After choosing the style of window that suits your house, you need to make sure the material used is steadfast and resilient enough to last. You can choose from aluminum, wood, fiber glass, wood clad and steel doors and windows.

Fiber Glass Windows

Tough and long lasting, that is what sums up fiber glass windows for you. These windows may cost a bomb during the installation process but they act as a long term investment which stands the test of time. It is high on temperature resistance while you can paint and re-paint these windows in the color of your choice without any problem.

At Granada Hills Window Replacement Experts, we can customize fiber glass windows as per your need and preferences.

Wood Windows

When you opt for wood, you choose antiqueness and since it exudes a regal appeal, many homeowners opt for wood windows for their house. You can even intersperse these windows with frosted, reflective or stained glass for a unique look.

At Granada Hills Window Replacement Experts, we have the experience in installing wood windows. Our customers vouch for our quality installations and superb customer service.

Wood Clad Windows

Although you may prefer going in for wood, it may not always be a smart choice as wood is susceptible to outside factors and so is high on maintenance. With wood clad windows, you can have the appearance and feel of wood without all of the other hassles. These windows have a cladding of a heavier and sturdier material such as aluminum on the wood’s frames.

Our team at Granada Hills Window Replacement Experts knows how to help you find the perfect window style and type for your residential area and so you are left satisfied and content with the services offered.

Aluminum Windows

If your area of residence is prone to severe weather conditions, you can choose aluminum windows as they are resilient and low on maintenance. Other than washing these windows once in a while, you do not have to show too much care and concern for these windows.

Our expert fitters know how to install aluminum windows so that they look their best. Contact us for a surprisingly delightful range of aluminum windows.

Obscure Glass Windows

These windows contain glasses that are etched with patterns. These patterns are great for adding distinctiveness to your home and also stop sunlight from entering through the window panes. It is also known as image distorting glass and gives you a feeling of privacy as people are not able to see what happens inside your home.

At Granada Hills Window Replacement Experts, we offer you a wide collection of obscure glass windows and help you in choosing the best one.

Vinyl Windows

These dual pane windows are the most efficient windows you can find. They lower the cost of heating and cooling all through the year while at the same time look elegant and stylish when fitted in your home. If you are residing in a place that frequently experiences moderate and hot climates, you need to install vinyl windows as they offer great energy savings.

We have the widest collection of vinyl windows by top manufacturers. We can assure you of quality and precision in installations.

French Doors

If you want to go in for a classic, timeless appeal, nothing is more regal than good old French doors. They not only come with a royal exterior but also make sure that your house is adequately ventilated. You should take into account the spaciousness of your house and accordingly choose from single or double door panels. French door also makes for a perfect entry door to your home as it immediately exudes a majestic look and feel. For balconies you can have tempered glass French door with wood paneling as it allows you a good view outside while providing sufficient security. At Granada Hills Window Replacement Experts we have the widest range of French doors so you can find the right match for your home.

Sliding Doors

A sliding patio door works well for houses that come with a narrow balcony. These types of doors are mostly installed in houses that are a little short on space. A full-glass sliding door lets an adequate amount of bright light to enter the house and helps you enjoy the view outside. A glass sliding door will therefore certainly be a good choice for houses that overlook magnificent panoramas.

Sliding doors come in many styles but the most popular ones are two panel sliding patio doors that have a fixed pane and one moving screen, three panel sliding patio doors that have two fixed panes on both sides with one moving pane in the center and four panel sliding patio doors that come with two fixed panels and two moving panels in the center. When you do not want any boundaries that distinguish the outdoors from the indoors, you can go in for folding out-swing patio doors. These types of doors effortlessly fold up and out whenever you like them to. They help you look out at the beautiful scenery, when the doors are closed and when open are just as mesmerizing.

At Granada Hills Window Replacement Experts, we have a charming collection of sliding patio doors that can greatly enhance the look of your home and increase its style quotient.

Entry Doors

Entry doors come in various shapes and styles so you need to understand the area of your house and your own personal choice before opting for the same. Your entry door needs to look attractive and at the same time it needs to function appropriately on a day to day basis. Ideally, entry doors need to be insulating, sound proof, robust and a beautiful piece of art at the same time. Granada Hills Window Replacement Experts makes sure that the entry doors we offer come with many features.


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