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There is nothing that beats the effortless charm and beauty of a French door. You are immediately transported into the bygone era as it exudes a classic and timeless vibe. It basically consists of a door that swings on a hinge. The trendiest French door is the one with the double panel. These doors come with a single or double door panel and are energy efficient in nature. French doors survive heavy storms and winds while it is easy to access them both ways since you can open both sides at once. This makes it easy for you to lug in bags and suitcases while they are the perfect doors that cater to house parties.

French doors are expensive and take up too much of space so it is best to install them in spacious houses and you also need to check whether they gel well with the look and feel of your residential area, before installing them.

From eclectic to traditional, at Granada Hills Window Replacement Experts we have a jaw-dropping variety in French doors. However, our experts will guide you in choosing the right door for your home so you do not get overwhelmed with the choices available.